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#1 Frost & Flame

Tree Sponsor & Design Sponsor: Taprock Northwest Grill
Designer: Susan Crisfield

Large white column candles gently flicker around this serene and festive tree. Each nestled in its own bed of frosted ferns, berries, eucalyptus and more! The tree gleams with faerie lights, and cool and calming green and blue ornaments. Uniquely ‘skirted’ with faux wrapped white boxes, this tree is sure to catch the eye!

  • Tree & Tree Décor: $800
  • Tree ‘Skirt’: $250
  • Unique Mixed Wood, (28”H x 32”L x 13”D) Table: $700
  • Table Centerpiece: $125
  • Wreath: $320

Total Value: $2,195


#2 Merry and Bright is the Outdoor Magic of Christmas Eve Night

Tree & Design Sponsor: Amaranthus Family Charitable Foundation
Designer: Amy Bonella

With my pack, tent and sleeping sack in tow, over the mountains and through the woods I go.  Seeking adventures so magical and grand, I love the lush, green beauty of this land. Vintage camping is the theme, with plaids, flannels, and fun decor throughout the color scheme. Merry Adventures Await!

  • Tree, Ornaments & Christmas Décor: $935
  • Vintage Décor (lanterns, picnic basket, metal bucket, and more): $165
  • Gift Basket: $176
  • Hiking Pack: $38

Total Value: $1,315


#3 The Strike of Midnight

Tree & Design Sponsor: US Bank
Designer: Terah Wheeler-Henrich

The Strike of Midnight is reminiscent of the quiet and stillness at midnight. All are tucked into bed, and the house has an echo of the year’s memories yet is expectant for the dawning of Christmas morning. This black tree is adorned with black and silver sequined bulbs, black feather boas, and whimsical variations of black and white designed ribbon. Old-world ornaments with various times on them cover the tree and tell of the times throughout the night of the tree’s expectation. Atop the tree are glass red cardinals, which help to make the tree pop! The final touch is a red-sequined backdrop to make the tree stand out, in all of its black majesty.

  • Tree & Décor: $1,205
  • Sequined Blanket: $60
  • Scentsy Basket: $75
  • Red Sequined Backdrop: $40

Total Value: $1,380


#4 Reflecting On Future Adventures

Tree Sponsor: Roe Motors
Design Sponsor: Umpqua Bank
Designers: Chris Pondelick, Christy Johnson, Paula Terwilliger

“You are not a tree; you are not bound to the ground you walk on. You have wings & dreams and a heart full of adventure.” Tumblr

This beautiful tree is a reflection awaiting your sense of worldly wonder and is a reminder of exciting future travels, and adventures to come. Included with this tree are food gift baskets, complete with recipe books and ingredients, perfect for making special meals to transport you to a far-off land!

  • Tree & Décor: $665
  • Original Early 1900s “Eastwood” Table (30”x20”x 28.5 inches tall): $600
  • Food Gift Baskets: $350

Total Value: $1,615


#5 Horsing Around the Holidays

Tree & Design Sponsor: The Flying Lark & Grants Pass Downs
Designer: Mercedes Wehde

Kick off those boots and get cozy next to this rustic one-of-a-kind tree. Decorated with a hand-felted garland, custom ornaments, and horseshoes…it is sure to keep you feeling right at home on the ranch. In true Horsing Around the Holiday’s spirit, we’ve included plenty of gifts to keep the fun going all night long!

  • Tree & Christmas Décor: $2,335
  • Custom Branded Flying Lark Adirondack Chairs, pillows, throw blanket: $500
  • Yeti Cooler Gift Pack: $365
  • Picnic Basket (Pendleton Gingham Blanket, wine, local chocolates, etc.): $450
  • Horse Gift Basket: $275
  • Unwrapped Children’s Toys & Dynocraft kid’s bike: $385
  • Grants Pass Downs Gift Bucket (glasses, water bottles, stadium seats, etc.): $270
  • And more: $260

Total Value: $4,840


#6 Mickey and Minnie’s Winter Fantasy

Tree & Design Sponsor: Cauble, Selvig & Whittington Attorneys at Law
Designers: Tracy Cauble, Karen LaLonde, Susanne McGee, and Lee Good

Mickey and Minnie are inviting you to their Winter Fantasy!  They are in their fanciest clothes and have their tree decked out in glitter, crystals, and icicles and are ready to party the night away. Children of all ages will love bringing Disney home for the holidays!

  • Tree & Décor: $2,425
  • Disney Gift Card: $500
  • Silver Sleigh with Reindeer: $425
  • Large Mickey & Minnie in Formal Wear: $250
  • Disney Train Set: $150
  • Vintage Rocking Chair: $150
  • Large Lighted Angel: $125

Total Value: $4,025

#7 Gnome for the Holidays

Tree & Design Sponsor: Lee Good
Designers: Tracy Cauble, Karen LaLonde, Susanne McGee, and Lee Good

Gnomes have come out to play! They are decked out for the Holidays and are ready to help you enjoy all of the delights of the season! Dozens of gnomes of all sizes adorn this fun and rustic Christmas tree. This adorable and lighthearted tree will help bring out the holiday spirit in adults and children alike. So remember, gnome is where the heart is!

  • Tree & Gnome Décor: $2,075
  • Bicycle Table: $500
  • Huge Gnome: $150
  • Huge Deer: $75
  • Two Gnome Blankets: $125
  • Gnome Trees: $100

Total Value: $3,025


#8 Angler’s Christmas Eve

Tree & Design Sponsor: Mini Pet Mart
Designers: Kelsey Richardson, Tamie Saffer, Jennifer Hannah

This is a past and present angler’s dream! This tree embodies the new and old lifestyle of a fisherman. With hand crafted lure ornaments, vintage decor, and guided fishing trips for two, this tree is not only beautiful but functional too!

  • Tree & Décor: $1,360
  • Fly Fishing Rod from Rogue Fly Shop: $700
  • Alaskan Guided Day of Fishing for 2, Lodging for 5 days/6 nights*: $3,600
  • Fishing day trip for 2 in Gold Beach**: $500
  • Vintage Fishing Reel, circa early 1900: $200
  • And more: $140

* Flights/food/fishing license not included

**(Lodging not included)

Total Value: $6,500


#9 Local All the Way

Tree Sponsors: Dr’s. Matt Nugent, Kiley Ziegler, Dan Cowley & Daniel Weiking of Asante Orthopedics
Design Sponsor: Dwell House
Designers:  Dwell House: Bekah Nugent, Amanda Holmes, Jacquie Johnson & Jenny Eagan; Emilie Dubois of Dubois & Company and Britney Tappan of Tappan Bloem

Dashing through downtown on our way to see the lights!  Community-sourced adornments make this tree a localvore’s delight! Share your love for local with this boho tree embellished with macramé rainbows, tassels, wooden bead strands, eucalyptus, pampas fronds, dried oranges and cranberry sprigs that remind us of a simpler foraged Christmas.

  • Tree & Décor: $1,950
  • Two Adirondack Chairs Crafted by a Local Artist: $500
  • Four-hour Christmas Decoration Installation: $500
  • Ukiah Tailgater II Portable Fire Table & Sound System: $300
  • Two Tappen Bloem Seasonal Flower Arrangements: $200
  • Gift Certificates and Gifts from Local Businesses: $1,000

Total Value: $4,450


#10 Life Comes in Custom Colors

Tree & Design Sponsor: The Suites Assisted Living & Memory Care
Designers: Staff and Residents of the Suites Assisted Living & Memory Care

The last two years have not been easy on anyone. During these times of different views and beliefs, we need to keep in mind that life is a lot like art. We are all provided the same blank canvas. Over time, this canvas becomes that person’s beautiful work of art. The best part of art is it doesn’t matter if it is abstract, contemporary, or traditional. It doesn’t matter if it was done with pencil, watercolor, or paint. What does matter is that the result is the artist’s vision, feelings, ideas, beliefs, and inspiration. At The Suites, life really does come in custom colors because no two colors are the same.

  • Unique Tree: $180
  • Arts & Crafts Supplies (paint, brushes, canvas, watercolors, etc.): $1,105
  • Cricut Bundle: $245
  • Gift Card to JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts: $150
  • Gift Card to Hobby Lobby: $150
  • And more: $500

Total Value: $2,330


#11 Home for the Holidays

Tree & Design Sponsor: Fields Home Center
Designer: Kami BryantThis elegant tree glitters with a blend of rose gold, gold, white, and silver. The designer has included everything you might need to make your home cozy for the holidays. You can enjoy some wine from a yeti tumbler, cozy up on the Adirondack bench with a luxurious blanket and cook up a feast on your new Traeger, complete with spice mixes and a serving platter. This tree will really make you happy to be home for the holidays!

  • Tree & Décor: $500
  • Traeger Pro Series Grill: $650
  • Tahoe Adirondack Bench (with pillows, blanket, unique stump side table, welcome mat, lantern, and Christmas sign): $625.00
  • Two Yeti Wine Tumblers, Wine, Acacia Board & Utensils, Spice Mixes: $125

Total Value: $1,900


#12 The Verity Tree

Tree & Design Sponsor: Southern Oregon Medical Aesthetics
Designer: Brianne Kleiner

Art is a platform where self-expression should not be oppressed. Do not be afraid to express your authentic self. Be the vision you want people to remember. Learn from the peacock, spread your feathers, embrace your spiritual nature, walk tall, and display your talents with confidence and grace. Be beautiful and an open-minded person-the one that looks at the world with eyes wide open. The peacock is a reminder to all of us to show our true colors. The peacock can help us shed the old feathers of the past and to take back the true beauty of our individuality. Never lose sight of who you are, instead celebrate and appreciate your essence on this earth.

  • Tree & Décor: $1620.00
  • Pamper your Inner Beauty Package from SOMA: $1570.00

-Dysport 150 units valued at $675

-HydraFacial Deluxe valued at $250

-Neocutis Skincare valued at $645

  • 55 Weighted Blankets to be donated to Winterfest’s benefitting agencies: $2,118
  • 200 Books levels ranging from 0-18yrs: $1,000

Total Value: $6300.00

#13 Grand Gingerbread House

Sponsored by: G.G. Sugarplum’s Bakeshop
Designed by: Pastry Chef Danielle Glarum
Size (Including Table): 6 ft. high, 5 ft. long, 2.5 ft. wide
Hours To Construct: 250

Danielle Glarum, Executive Pastry Chef and owner of G.G. Sugarplum’s Bakeshop used her 12 years of baking and cake decorating experience to design and create this vintage inspired Grand Gingerbread House. Cheerful accent colors of lime green, light blue, pink, white and red create the vintage Christmas feel. Gingerbread hearts and door trimmings are hand painted with 24k gold. The house consists of 230 gingerbread bricks, with a roof covered in over 400 colorful hand-cut fondant tiles. Sixty hand painted ornaments and a string of 120 handmade fondant “popcorn” adorns the large, decorated tree. The house is securely affixed to a hand built rolling table, which was designed with heavy-duty casters to hold the weight of the house and allow for smooth transportation. This is truly and handmade work of art!

  • Grand Gingerbread House: $7,500
  • Basket full of baking supplies: $200

Total Value: $7,700


#14 Happy Huladays- Tiki Bar

Sponsored by:  Grants Pass Podiatry
Designers: Sandra Castle and Sonia Wheeler

This year, instead of dreaming of a White Christmas, you could be dreaming of the warm island sun as you learn the hula in preparation for your own Island Christmas!  You will have fun dressing in the matching Hawaiian outfits, which are sure to be a hit with your guests, and the Tiki Bar by Natural Creations will be all the talk as guests enjoy your hospitality at your luau-in-a-box party. There are plenty Hawaiian goodies for all to enjoy, not to mention a variety of Mai Tai’s, and even a show by the dancers of Hula ‘O Nuku ‘Aina. So, grab an adult beverage from the Tiki Bar and snuggle up in your lime green Adirondack chair as you listen to music from your own private DJ, while visions of chocolate macadamia nuts and pineapple upside down shooters dance in your head!

  • Natural Creations Tiki Bar: $1,500
  • Hawaiian Christmas Items (including palm trees and surfing Santa): $500
  • Souvenirs and Hawaiian Niche (from Hawaii:) $500
  • Luau Party Decor: $250
  • Two hours of DJ Services by Sights and Sound Unlimited: $200
  • Hula Show and lessons: $200
  • Island Spirits (Alcohol): $200
  • 808 Ohana Grindz Gift Certificate: $100

Total Value: $3,450


#15 Growing Christmas Cheer

Tree & Design Sponsor: Gates Home Furnishings & Sleep Center
Designers: Kristi Gates and Tannis Miller

Preserved in Christmas cheer! This tree is decorated with handpicked fruits and vegetables. Harvested crunchy carrots and crispy snow peas, plump berries and hearty winter greens adorn the branches, surrounded by earthy garlands and harmonious critters. Take delight in the magic of a garden-fresh Christmas tree.

  • Tree & Décor: $1,590
  • Vintage Coop Cabinet by Bramble (81” by 47” wide): $3,000
  • Clawfoot Linen Chair: $1,000
  • Knitted Wool Footrest: $200
  • Hearth & Hand Farm House Barn Set & Garden Toys: $350
  • And more: $680

Total Value: $6,820


#16 The Renaissance

Tree & Design Sponsor: Evergreen Federal Bank
Designers: Evergreen Bear Hotel Staff

The Renaissance is the theme of this stunning tree sponsored by Evergreen Federal Bank and decorated by Evergreen Bear Hotel staff and artists.

Towering over eight feet, this tree celebrates the origins of beauty, science, and faith.
The Renaissance reminds us that man is unique in our desire to explore, discover, and contribute. Heavenly light, Eden flowers, and Renaissance art adorns this tree. Ornaments from objects we see every day were handcrafted with intention. Tiny scenes are part of the big picture narrative; what seems ordinary is part of something beautiful. Surrounding the tree are items that celebrate our discovery and expression of being part of that beauty.

  • Full-size violin
  • Ballet Slippers
  • Easel & Painting Supplies
  • Telescope
  • Books about important Renaissance scholars: Shakespeare, Di Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, & Copernicus.

Total Value: $4,000


#17 Yeti to Party

Tree & Design Sponsor: Dutch Bros Coffee
Designers: Dutch Bros Coffee

Are you “Yeti” for winter? (See what we did there??) End the year with a pass to mountains of fun! A three-day trip to Disneyland, passes to hit the slopes, all the gear you need to stay warm and cozy, and, of course, a Yeti cooler with Dutch Bros Rebel and Cold Brew! Think the winter is abominable? Think again! Chill out, get “yeti” to party and enjoy the adventure!

  • Custom Fabricated Matterhorn Tree: $3,500
  • Two 3-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Park Passes: $800
  • Three Night Stay in Sunriver Vacation Home: $900
  • Four Mount Bachelor Lift Tickets: $400
  • One Year Dutch at Home Subscription: $185
  • Yeti Cooler: $200
  • And more: $550

Total Value: $6,535


#18 Holiday Sweets and WiFi Treats

Tree & Design Sponsor: Hunter Communications
Designer: Barbara Acosta-Hong

If your family traditions include those special treats, that favorite cookie or just the memory of time spent baking with family then this tree should speak to you. From the custom ornaments created by the Glass Forge to the special treats and custom tree topper, this tree will capture your eye and make your mouth water. The custom tree skirt and sleigh filled with Wi-Fi treats complete this amazing design.

  • Tree & Décor: $1,685
  • Ring Doorbell & Nest Thermostat: $230
  • Sleigh: $100
  • Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame & 4 Wi-Fi Smart Plugs: $155
  • Tablet: $150

Total Value: $2,320


#19 The Beach is Calling and I Must Go

Tree Sponsor: Rogue Valley Door
Design Sponsor: Soroptimist International of River Valley
Designers: Soroptimist International of River Valley

The sea creatures are all dressed in their best to celebrate the holidays. They are welcoming you to join them in the festivities. The tree is decked with handmade bejeweled jellyfish, sassy polymer clay fish, dazzling sea stars, jeweled shells, decoupage shells, Japanese faux glass floats, and glass balls that direct you “To the Beach”.

  • Tree & Décor: $2,060
  • Two night stay at waterfront Town Home in Gold Beach: $625*The house sleeps six people with amazing ocean views from all the rooms. There are two bedrooms and a loft with three bathrooms. The garage is a playroom with all sorts of games including football and ping pong. *Reservation of the beach house must be made within 3 months of the Rogue Winterfest event.
  • Dinner at Spinners in Gold Beach: $50
  • Charcuterie Board & Cutting Board: $140
  • Beach Bag with Wine & Picnic Items: $80
  • Christmas Wreath of Shells: $75
  • Driftwood Christmas Tree: $45
  • A beach bag filled with wine, plates, and picnic accessories
  • Towels, Flipflops, Terrarium, Necklace, Christmas wreath of shells, and more: $210

Total Value: $3,285

#20 Ice, Ice Baby

Tree & Design Sponsor: AmeriTitle
Designer: AmeriTitle

Ice-filled & full of bling…everything for your Christmas dream. Featuring ice blue, silver & white ornaments with crystal bling throughout. All items under the tree stay with the icy theme. Enjoy a huge ice chest, icemaker, ice cream maker & even some ‘ice’ (a white sapphire ring). This tree is sure to make even the iciest heart melt!

  • Tree & Décor: $895
  • CSI 116 Quart Ice Chest: $440
  • Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker & Storage Containers: $195
  • Two Mount Ashland Ski Lift Passes: $120
  • Princess White Sapphire Ring: $114
  • And more: $526

Total Value: $2,290

#21 A Year Without Santa Claus

Tree & Design Sponsor: Fire Mountain Gems & Beads
Designers: Fire Mountain Gems & Beads

The Year Without Santa Claus seeks to bring the stop-motion holiday classic to life.

Adorned with handmade character ornaments, twinkling decorations and accompanied by several classic gifts and games. This festive tree tells a story of bravery, heroism, and goodwill towards all.

  • Two Classic Holiday Movie Collections
  • 42-inch Wooden Flexible Flyer Sled
  • Eleven Classic Family Board Games
  • Vintage-style Ice Cream Bowls and Scoop
  • Patio Fire Pit/Cooler/Table
  • And more

Total Value: $2,725


#22 Copper to Rose

Tree Sponsor: Banner Bank
Design Sponsor: The Glass Forge Gallery & Studio
Designer: Susan Crisfield

With rose gold & copper metallics, this sparkling tree slowly turns to share its warmth! Flashing with glitter and snow, it is bound to capture the magical spirit of the season for you! Ornaments in many shades of copper to rose-gold, leafy barely-blush glittering vines amid crystalline snowflakes, plus cascades of copper-tone facetted jewels and the regal rose-gold metallic vine overlaid skirt, are all a showcase for the 20 large, gloriously-hued, blown-glass ornaments from our friends at Glass Forge! They are swirly, copper-glitter infused works of art!

  • Tree & Décor: $1,000
  • 20 Glass Forge Ornaments )8-10”): $1,000
  • Vintage Telephone Table: $80
  • Hand-crafted Rose Gold, Copper & Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Suite: $275

Total Value: $2,355

#23 Hometown Heroes- The Giving Tree*

Tree Sponsor: AllCare Health
Design Sponsors: Cub Scout Pack 29, the Russell Family, Ron & Margy Goss
Designers: Hillairee Russell with Cub Scout Pack 29

“Not every hero wears a mask. Some heroes save the day in the simplest of ways. By just being there for us, or letting us know we’re believed in.”  -Barry Allen (The Flash)

This year’s Giving Tree features the names of over 70 “heroes” from our own Grants Pass community. Nominated by family, friends, or colleagues, they are an amazing variety of people from different occupations who step up when times are tough, and make us believe that, as the lawn signs say, “Everything Will Be Okay”.

  • Tree & Décor: $550
  • Gift Certificates: $1,200
  • Kitchen Items: $175
  • Toys, Crafts & Games: $440
  • Six Gift Baskets: $450
  • And more: $245

Total Value: $3,060

*In keeping with tradition, each year The Giving Tree purchaser will donate the tree (and all items with it) to the Veteran’s Center who will distribute its contents to those in need.