September 4, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Rogue Winterfest!

Rogue Winterfest is a magical five-day Festival held in Grants Pass from December 4 to December 8, 2014. The Festival offers four distinct events: Gala & Grand Auction, Golden Social, Weekend Holiday Events, and Culinary Christmas Classic & Silent Auction. See for details.

Each year this incredible Festival grows even bigger—both in sponsorships and attendees. In 2013 most events were sold out well in advance. This year there will be 30 beautifully decorated trees and creative art pieces on display throughout the Festival.

All events take place at Evergreen Federal Bank’s Bear Hotel. The Bear Hotel is a large warehouse where “The Bears” and other art displayed throughout our region are stored. Half of the warehouse is home to Evergreen’s legendary Christmas on Mars Exhibit. Now in its final year, Christmas on Mars is likened to Disneyland landing in Grants Pass. In early December the other half of the warehouse is transformed into an amazing and artistic Winter Wonderland featuring Rogue Winterfest!

For a description of Rogue Winterfest events, please see the details at the bottom of this newsletter or visit our website.

All events are held at:

Evergreen Federal Bank’s Bear Hotel

2101 NE Spalding Avenue

Grants Pass

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Rogue Winterfest 2013 Montage

A Creative Mix of Artistry, Cuisine, and Entertainment

Rogue Winterfest blends artistry, culinary, entertainment, stunning designer creations, and holiday spirit all under one roof! Volunteers, designers, sponsors, entertainers, wineries, culinary establishments, and artists all work together to create this amazing five-day holiday event.

Four Magical Events

Gala & Grand Auction – Thursday, December 4

Golden Social – Friday, December 5

Weekend Holiday Events – Saturday and Sunday, December 6 & 7

Culinary Christmas Classic & Silent Auction – Monday, December 8

See description at the bottom of this email or visit for more details.

Family Solutions Girls Home Residents Placing Hands on Table in an Act of Solidarity and Support

Why We Need Your Help

“It takes the entire community to get behind this event to make Rogue Winterfest successful. We are extremely grateful for the donation of Evergreen Federal Bank’s Bear Hotel and the outstanding support of our many volunteers, artists, designers, entertainers, culinary establishments, and generous sponsors. It is because of their generosity that we can continue to create Rogue Winterfest for the entire community to enjoy. Most importantly, this event helps raise funds for three mental health organizations that help thousands of people get the care they need to improve the overall health of our community.” —Sue Price, Rogue Winterfest Event Planner

Did you know 1 in 5 young people suffer from one or more mental, emotional, or behavioral challenges? As many as 1 in 10 youth experiences challenges severe enough to impair how they function at home, school, or in the community. Few realize there are high rates of mental illness among children. One out of five children between the ages of 6 and 17 have experienced mental health symptoms and do not receive help. The majority of these are minority children. Latino children are less likely to be identified as having a mental disorder, and 88 percent of them have unmet mental health needs.

Family Solutions, Kairos, and Options for Southern Oregon work hard to meet the mental and behavioral challenges of people within our community. These agencies were created to help meet these challenges. Through the support of the community they are able to carry out their important work. The contributions raised by Rogue Winterfest are used to help fund these vital nonprofit mental health organizations.

Fundraising events such as Rogue Winterfest provide crucial support and services to our community. Please visit our website to learn more about sponsorship opportunities. We have many different levels and types of sponsorships ranging from a $350 Small Tree Sponsor to a $10,000 Platinum Sponsor.

Lamp and Pinecone Setting

Become a Rogue Winterfest Community Partner Sponsor

Family Solutions, Kairos, and Options for Southern Oregon provide valuable services for children, teens, adults, and families with mental health needs through children’s mental health programs, school-based counseling and support, therapeutic foster care, crisis services, life skills development, housing, and in-home services. Your support of Rogue Winterfest will help thousands of people get the care they need to improve the overall health of our community.

Due to an overwhelming response to our 2014 sponsorship drive many specific needs have already been filled, but WE STILL NEED YOU! As a Rogue Winterfest Community Partner, you will help us support those areas of the event not yet fulfilled and implement new ideas to enhance our Festival.

Visit the sponsorship section at our website to view our Sponsorship Brochure, which explains the levels and benefits you will receive. We invite you to call or email us with any questions regarding event details or sponsorship matters.

Join us in bringing Rogue Winterfest to our community this year to help those in need.


Sue & Gigi

Event Planner Sue Price | 541.890.5472


Event Coordinator Gigi Ashley | 541.660.3430

Wine Glasses Hanging Upside-Down

A Special Thank-You to Our Major Sponsors

Evergreen Federal Bank, Taprock Northwest Grill, Mid Rogue IPA/CareSource Health Care, Highland House, Royale Gardens, Three Rivers Asante Medical Center, Asante Foundation, and Lee Good/Waling Family Trust

Tickets go on sale on October 1. Order online or in person at Evergreen Federal Bank, 969 SE 6th Street, Grants Pass. Last year, both the Culinary Christmas Classic and Gala & Grand Auction sold out! Don’t miss out … reserve your tickets now!

We Sing for Recycling, Rogue Winterfest 2011 Tree

For More Details

Visit or contact:

Event Planner Sue Price | 541.890.5472


Event Coordinator Gigi Ashley | 541.660.3430